"My first stop was Regen-Leigh Antiques, where provenance and style are unsurpassed."

  - Marcia Sherrill, SOUTHERN ACCENTS, May-June 1999

"NEOCLASSICAL ACT. Spending an afternoon with owner Bobbie Culbreath of Regen-Leigh Antiques is like getting a Master's degree in Continental antiques. From her study at London's Royal Society of Arts and her work at Christie's, she's developed a passion for neoclassical furniture, stalking the perfect piece - no new legs, no restoration allowed - researching its history and enlightening customers about every detail. "Bobbie's eye is the best of the best," says interior designer Charles Gandy. Culbreath's Buckhead gallery values quality over quantity. Among the few pieces on display are an exquisitely detailed Russian neoclassical mahogany (above) and a cabinet filled with silver from 1640 to 1870. Says designer Fred Dilger (of Dilger Gilbson Designs), "Every piece that Bobbie has is important."

  -DEPARTURES MAGAZINE, March-April 1999

"Based in Atlanta, Regen-Leigh is one of the country's greatest resources for Neoclassical English and Continental furnishings from the mid-18th century through about 1830. Owner Bobbie Culbreath has both an eye for pristine antiques and extensive ties to private European collections, which together make her an important source for exquisite, undiscovered pieces."

  -TOWN & COUNTRY Magazine, April, 1998

"In Regen-Leigh Antiques, a swank boutique on East Shadowlawn, Bobbie Culbreath sells some of the South's finest English and Continental pieces. Trained in decorative arts at Christie's, Culbreath brings great expertise to the business of selling antiques."

  - Shopping Spree, Designer Monique Gibson leads a magical tour through some of her favorite Atlanta shops, by Lydia Longshore, SOUTHERN ACCENTS, September-October 1999

"The rarefied Regen-Leigh, where 18th-century vignettes can soar into the millions, gave Atlanta the ultimate stamp of approval by moving from London several years ago."

  - Atlanta, The Belle of the New South Ball,

"I never go abroad with the objective of buying a container filled with old boring brown wood, not even it it's Louis XIV or Louis XVI," she says. "I may seek a piece with the presence to carry a forty-foot drawing room on its own, or I may be looking for the flip in the tail of a carved dolphin on an Empire chair."

  -Bobbie Culbreath quoted in Atlanta Rising, Charles Gandy and William Peace Share Their Best Sources, text by Susan Sheen, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, November 1999.

"Regen-Leigh of Atlanta is a veritable treasure trove of Neoclassical English and Continental furnishings, including chairs, tables, secretaires, wall sconces and ormolu-mounted porcelains, from the mid-18th century through about 1830. Known for her integrity, discerning eye and extensive ties to private European collections, owner Bobbie Culbreath masterminds the Gallery. A connoisseur's dream, she even offers a wishlist service that locates specific pieces for clients."

  -TOWN & COUNTRY MAGAZINE, October, 1998